Starting Monday, January 10 we will be reducing our operating hours in response to reduced staffing as a result of the current COVID surge.

Our new hours will be:

Monday & Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 11am-7pm

Friday: 12pm-5pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

All programming will be held online for the rest of January.

Pearl River Public Library

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Pearl River Public Library

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Use of Community Rooms

The Library makes its meeting rooms available to non-profit community groups for informational, educational, and cultural meetings.  The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meeting room users.

The Library’s meeting rooms and related facilities have been planned primarily to be used for Library sponsored and co-sponsored programs and activities.  As a public institution, the Library also attempts to share these facilities with local non-profit community groups and organizations for educational, recreational, cultural and informational meetings and programs.  Rooms are not available for religious services or for purely social occasions.

  • Use of the community rooms shall be granted without respect to religion, color, or sex, to educational, social, civic and/or recreational groups that benefit the overall welfare of the community.  All meetings and programs, whether Library sponsored or held by outside groups are free and open to the public.  (In some instances, a supply fee or registration fee may be requested.)  
  •  Repetitive use applications shall be issued for a period of up to 12 months and shall be valid only for the dates and times specified. The Library reserves the right to cancel such scheduling if the group fails to comply with regulations.  Such cancellation will be communicated to the group concerned. Groups submitting new applications may be limited to one meeting room use per month.
  • The Library reserves the right to require booking be made at least three weeks advance.
  • The Library Director must approve each outside group or organization before they reserve a room.  In all cases, regular library activities followed by Pearl River based groups shall precede outside requests.  The library retains first priority use of all meeting rooms at all times, even if previously scheduled by an outside group, and upon notice, the Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for meeting room use to accommodate scheduling of library programs.  The Library will provide as much advance notice as possible if a cancellation is required.
  • The individual signing the application for use of the room on behalf of an organization must be 18 years of age or older, be a resident of the Pearl River School district and/or Town of Orangetown, and be in attendance during the time that the room is in use.  Any exceptions must have the express approval of the Director.
  • For those cases where scheduling conflicts arise, the Director or in her/his absence, the staff scheduling liaison, shall be the arbiter and her/his decision shall be final. Scheduling conflicts may be deemed to include events that would be scheduled for a time when no actual event is scheduled, but there would exist a time conflict due to insufficient staff and time available for room set up and breakdown before the next event.
  • The Children’s Storytime Room is reserved primarily for the use of the Children’s Department.  Small groups (2-12 persons) may meet in this room at the discretion of the Library Director and/or the Head of Children’s Services. 
  • The rooms may not be used for sale of goods or services, to promote services for which there is a charge, or to solicit donations with the exception of programs or sales conducted by the non-profit Library Friends group, the proceeds of which shall benefit the Library.  
  • Food and drinks are absolutely NOT allowed inside the library.  (Speakers and performers may have water nearby for their use.)  On occasion, limited refreshments may be served if and only if the express approval of the Director is obtained beforehand. 
  • No alcoholic beverages, no tobacco use and no gambling, are allowed on the premises.
  • Persons using the facility may not attach to any surface, decorations, displays, etc., including signs on meeting room doors.
  • Attendance to activities conducted in meeting rooms shall be limited to the number prescribed by local fire regulations or to the maximum of available chairs and tables, whichever is the lesser amount.
  • All outside groups shall be responsible for their own publicity, and any publicity must clearly indicate that the activity is not sponsored by the Pearl River Public Library.
  • Any damage or loss to the meeting room is the responsibility of the organization and shall be billed accordingly.
  • Reserved Room Attendance Card must be completed and returned to the Circulation Desk immediately following the meeting/program. Attendance cards can be obtained from the Circulation Desk.