Starting Monday, January 10 we will be reducing our operating hours in response to reduced staffing as a result of the current COVID surge.

Our new hours will be:

Monday & Wednesday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 11am-7pm

Friday: 12pm-5pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

All programming will be held online for the rest of January.

Pearl River Public Library

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Library Art Exhibits


Exhibitions can include – but not necessarily be restricted to – the following major categories or artwork:
Wall Display:  Paintings, drawings, photographs, and other wall hangings
Case Display:  Sculpture, ceramics, and collections for display in case
The Pearl River Public Library Arts Advisory Committee, made up of artists, library trustees, staff and volunteers will review art at regularly scheduled meetings, times of which will be publicized in advance.  Individual community members, artists, and craftspersons may submit their original work for exhibit at the Pearl River Public Library. Three (3) examples of each person’s work, i.e. original artwork, slides, photographic prints or sculpture will be reviewed by the Pearl River Public Library Arts Advisory Committee at their regularly scheduled meeting before any exhibit may be scheduled.  Artists will be notified by mail regarding acceptance status and scheduling.  Exhibits will normally run for approximately four (4) weeks, approximately beginning and ending with the calendar month.
Groups sponsored by art or craftsmen associations may also submit requests to the Pearl River Public Library Arts Advisory Committee for consideration for exhibition.  In this case, the sponsoring group is responsible for selecting the material to be exhibited.
The library retains the right to reject any piece or pieces of work which it deems inappropriate to the library setting.
Each applicant will be required to fill out an exhibit request form which can be picked up in the library at the Information Desk.
It is the responsibility of the artist to prepare a list of works on display for distribution to the public.  The library must be supplied with a complete list of titles and prices for each piece of work to be exhibited.  Items which are not for sale must be clearly noted on the list as NFS.
Exhibits will usually be scheduled for approximately four (4) weeks.  The art staff of the library will plan the exhibit and hang the artwork.
Display Walls for Hanging Exhibits
In the large open area of the library just inside the front doors (hub Area) there is a display wall (37 feet long with picture hanging molding 8 feet from the floor).  This area provides space for approximately 12 to 13 pieces of about 28 inches in width, hung in a single line or 24 to 26 pieces hung two deep. There is also a 7 foot wall by the community Room door that will hold 2 to 3 pieces in a single row.  The Community Room has two wall spaces that may be used. These are 10 feet high.  (There is no surveillance from the Circulation Desk of the Community Room.)
Paintings, drawings, and other fine art and photographs must be framed for hanging with eyehooks (1 to 3” from the top of the frame).  Paintings on stretched canvas that are unframed with the correct hooks on the back will be acceptable.  Each piece of artwork is individually suspended from a picture hanging molding by means of metal picture hanging S-hooks and nylon cord.  The artist’s name, title of the picture and media should be printed legibly on the back of the picture.
Display Cases for Ceramics and Collections
The library has one display case (36 inches long) with locking glass doors and six shelves. 
All items must remain on exhibit for the duration of the show, and must not be removed prior to the end of the scheduled exhibition dates.  All exhibited items must be removed on assigned day to avoid interference with the next exhibit. The library does not have available space to securely store items before or after a scheduled exhibition. 
No works can be offered for sale by the Library.  However, the artist can provide a list of work for sale which will be kept at the Circulation Desk, and can note in the exhibit area that interested parties may refer to that list and contact the artist directly.
After her/his work has been accepted for exhibition, the artist should prepare and present a brief statement of her/his background, education, types of work to be exhibited, etc., to be used for press releases to local news media.  The Library will take responsibility for sending the press release providing that the information is received in time to meet publication deadlines (usually four weeks in advance of the publication). 
The Library cannot provide a reception for the exhibit.  Therefore, if a formal reception is desired, all refreshments must be provided by the artist.  Beverages must be limited to nonalcoholic drinks.  In the event that invitations are to be sent, these are also the responsibility of the artist.
Arrangements for any reception must be discussed in advance and approved by the Library Liaison member of the Pearl River Public Library Arts Advisory Committee.  Dates for receptions should be cleared as early as possible since the Community Room where the receptions are held is quite often in use.  A Sunday afternoon from 3:00-5:00 PM is usually the time set for receptions. Saturday afternoon from 2:00-4:00 PM is also possible.  Saturday afternoon and Sunday are not available when summer hours are in effect (mid-June until after Labor Day).
The library can offer limited insurance coverage on items and artwork accepted for exhibit. Artist/exhibitors are encouraged to determine if their private homeowners insurance provides coverage for items and artwork while on display.